Outcome – Group 2

Final outcomes of Group 2 presented at the exhibition at Front of House included:

a site-specific installation,
and a series of sculptures

The final presentation of Group 2 centred around an ambitious, collaborative, site-specific installation that interacted directly with the architecture of the exhibition space. This work is the result of an intensive developmental process (Work in Progress – Group 2) focussing on perspectival viewpoints, emphasised by the seemingly endless arcades in Bologna, the elevation of the domed cupolas and the beam of light that marks out meridian line in San Petronio. Bags of water were used to tension the strings between the elasticated grid in the ceiling and a rectangular area on the floor referring to the now subterranean system of canals of the city. The piece is specifically concerned, both conceptually and physically with the exploration of an structural design that incorporates the ‘line’. Inspired by the work of contemporary artist Tomas Saraceno it creates an environment that demarcates specific spacial parameters. 

As well as the large collaborative piece produced by the entire group there were several other outcomes made by individual group members in responce to joint research conducted in the city. For example, Leonid Hrytsak built two sculptures using materials collected when the group spent a day in the city centre, exploring the dynamics of spacial composition and the relationship between the human body and the architecture of Bologna. These sculptures, placed in the exhibition space at Front of House, investigate how context can influence the reading of materials and spacial relationships. After the exhibition some of the sculptures were reintroduced into the urban context of Bologna.