Outcome – Group 3

Final outcomes of Group 3 presented at the exhibition at Front of House included:

a site-specific sculpture,
a video,
and a series of site-specific performances

The final outcome of Group 3 consisted of a site-specific installation that combined two parts, a cardboard sculpture and a looped video clip presented on a TV monitor. It also included a series of site-specific performances in the town centre of Bologna that were partly recorded on video. The final clip presented at the exhibition showed one of the performances, the group interacting with a column in central Bologna.

The column was then reproduced in cardboard and site-specifically installed at Front of House. Both works are part of an installation that explored and questioned our interaction with the ubiquitous environment of the urban landscape. The site-specific installation and the video are the result of an intensive collaborative research period (Work in progress – Group 3) that used methods and techniques found in theatre stage practice as well as 3D rapid prototyping. 

The column is now in Munich and it is planned to include the installation in a student exhibition there in the near future (tbc).

YouTube Preview Image