Outcome – Group 4

Final outcomes of Group 4 presented at the exhibition at Front of House included:

A sculpture
and a video installation

The results presented at the final exhibition at Front of House was developed from an intensive research period in the centre of Bologna (Work in Progress – Group 4). The group focussed on the graffiti found arround the city and the concept that it represented the silenced and ignored voices of the citizens. The video, that was site-specifically integrated in an architectural feature at the exhibition space, presented Bolognese people talking to camera without actually making a sound. In the video, these soundless portraits were juxtaposed with the ambient noises of the city.

The second part of the installation consisted of a regular oblong of stacked light weight concrete blocks. The group had previously installed the blocks as a ‘temporary wall’ at two specific sites in the city centre. During this period the architectural installation was ‘exposed’ to the city in order to attract graffiti artists and ‘collect’ graffiti (Work in Progress – Group 4). Moved to the exhibition venue, the blocks were reconfigured once again: a basement for a monument, were only traces of the graffiti could be perceived from outside, as all the surfaces with writings and graffiti were oriented inwards. Thus the visual expression was also silenced.