Outcome – Group 5

Final outcomes of Group 5 presented at the exhibition at Front of House included:

site-specific performances
and installations

The outcomes of Group 5 were presented as a performance in the city center as well as a performance and installation at Front of House as part of the final exhibition. The most significant aspect of the work of Group 5 was the development of a group dynamic as part of working progress over the two weeks. (Work in Progress – Group 5) The performance in the city related to the procession which is held in Bologna every year on Ascension Day. An icon, which is a picture of Holy Mary that was allegedly painted by St. Lukas is carried from the monastery Santuario della Madonna di San Luca to the city center of Bologna on a way that is completely covered with arcades.

The final outcome of the group which was presented at Front of House was very much shaped by the working methodology the group developed over the whole working period. They found a creative methodology of collaborative working on which the final installation depended. Each group member was allocated a certain role which had to be fulfilled in order to build up the installation. The part of the performative process was as important as the installative outcome at the end. Using this collaborative system the group built a large installation across the floor of the Front of House building. Although the installation provided a ‘solid’ outcome to present at the opening, it was the interactive, experiential and preformative aspects of the project that were the most useful and significant outcomes of the group collaboration.