Outcome – Group 6

Final outcomes of Group 8 presented at the exhibition at Front of House included:

a live-stream video,
and a performance

The final outcomes presented at the exhibition at Front of House were the product of work develped thoughout the two weeks of the IP (Work in Progress – Group 6) . The video piece presented on two TV monitors, placed side by side, one playing a video of the introduction of dozens of ping pong balls in the Piazza Maggiore at the center of Bologna, and the other, a live streem video of the opening ceremony of the exhibition in the courtyard at Front of House.

The speeches at the launch of the exhibition were delivered from a small stool, similar to that used by political gatherings in the Piazza Maggiore. The major climax of the work was a surprise ping pong launch at the end of the speeches. The balls covered the courtyard at Front of House and encouraged the audience to directly interact with the installation. The ping pong balls not only provided a catalyst for the active involvement of people in the work, but also visualised and described the parameters of the outside space in an unexpected way. The performative aspect of this installation and the active involvement of the audience relates to the ‘constructed situations’ of Venice Biennale artist Tino Sehgal and Doug Fishbone’s banana installation at Trafalgar Square.


YouTube Preview Image