Outcome – Group 7

Final outcomes of Group 7 presented at the exhibition at Front of House included:

a video installation,
site-specific performances

The final work presented centered on a carefully edited video of the group engaging with local people, asking them where they might find the ‘context’ in Bologna. Using the place to frame their search for ‘context within the context’, the group decided that the context they were in and their relationship to it was very complex, and that they could not transcribe, describe or recreate it as an object.

Based on the series of videos and photographs of the performances in the city centre, the group developed a way of presenting their outcomes at the exhibition at Front of House. It was agreed that the work would be viewed on laptop monitors placed within a cardboard construction. The construction preformed two main functions; it framed the monitors within a shaded ‘tunnel’, protecting them from the glare of light in the room and it also controlled how the viewer approached and experienced the work.

YouTube Preview Image