Outcome – Group 8

Final outcomes of Group 8 presented at the exhibition at Front of House included:

an interactive installation,
and a printed booklet
(download PDF version here: RECIPE BOOK )

Having exchanged recipies with local people and acrued a substantial collection of instructions on how to recreate local dishes, the group decided to select only the Bolognaise recipes, which in themselves were quite variable. These were presented in a specially designed booklet. Also, on the last day, each recipe was prepared and cooked as per the instructions and a video made of the process. For the exhibition five shaped plinths were made and placed in  Front of House. The shape and position of each plinth referenced the map location within Bologna where the recipe was acquired.

A pot of Bolognese was placed on each plinth, one from each recipe acquired, along with a copy of the booklet and spoons for the audience to taste the work.

As they moved from one plinth to the next sampling and comparing all the recipes, the audience retraced the movements of the group through the city, exploring the relationship between the sites where each recipe was exchanged.

The exhibition gave the audience not only a sense of the geographical format of the city but also, literally a ‘taste’ of Bologna.