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Front of House (Zona Roveri)

Zona Roveri is a professional creative hub, a place where people can meet and create, produce and spread culture. It is the first multipurpose venue in the industrial district of Bologna, devoted to the development and promotion of art sensibility, whose main aim is allowing people to raise ideas in a professional but unconventional way, thus giving the local creative production the chance to become a topic for collectivity.
The guidelines of the ZR project are: learning, sharing, being internationally recognized, working with an interdisciplinary attitude and increasing the quality of the production.
ZR space hosts artists’ live performances, as well as workshops that can facilitate an interesting exchange between well-known and young artists, in order to experience talent on different levels.
Besides the live performances on stage, the space is going to host events and festivals: it is an empty page where cinema, arts, dance or company events can take place.

Please find some information about Front of House at on this website:

For directions from and to Front of House please have a look at this map: