Learning Outcomes

Using a practice led approach, embedded in a theoretical framework the programme provided opportunities for students of both disciplines to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, qualities, skills and other attributes in the following areas.

• An advanced knowledge and understanding through intensive practice, of the techniques and methods both physical and intellectual necessary for interdisciplinary, collaborative practice to produce a resolved statement of visual ideas.

• A critical understanding of a range of contemporary critical debates surrounding international, cross disciplinary practice between the visual arts and architecture, particularly related to ‘site specific’ and their possible impact on individual practice.

• An understanding of the international institutional and professional structures within which contemporary visual arts and architecture practice exists including critical considerations of cultural conventions in the development and production of art/architecture within a multi-cultural platform.

• An awareness of a broad range of research methodologies and different models of theory and practice.

• An understanding of practical and critical issues surrounding a broad range of cross-disciplinary production and exhibition strategies.

• An advanced knowledge of constructive, innovative strategies for the development and production of visual art and architecture outcomes within an unfamiliar environment using limited tools and materials.

• The ability to test arguments and apply them coherently and consistently in dealing with their own ideas and those of others, assessing and evaluating new ideas in relation to previously established orthodoxies, conventions and knowledge.

• An understanding of the roles of artists and architect’s in shaping international contemporary visual culture and begin to establish their role in opening avenues for further research.

• The ability to solve problems, negotiate and communicate effectively, organise and resource their projects successfully and think innovatively and creatively.

• Communicate by means of clearly articulated, well supported and confident verbal presentations.