Outcome – Group 1

Final outcomes of Group 1 presented at the exhibition at Front of House included:

a site-specific installation,

a performance,
a series of collages,
and a video

The final outcomes of Group 1 are the results of a developmental process (Work in Progress – Group 1) that included an intensive research period into the history and architecture of Bologna. The group collected items and found objects from the city as well as casting sections of architecture using paper. These were then used to create a site-specific installation at Front of House. The group developed a modus operandi within which they explored how to present these found object in such a way as to comment on ephemeral and temporal aspects of the city. The group spent an intensive period rearranging and modifying the items creating an installation that was then activated and made cohesive via a performance. Included in the installation were a series of collages made from paper scraps collected from billboards and walls in the historical town centre of Bologna. The concept of creating an installation that makes reference to a landscape using recycled and found materials is very timely approach towards making contemporary art/architecture installations and can be found for example in the work of Karla Black a 2012 Turner Prize nominee. 

Rosa Sijben, one of the group members contributed a video to the final exhibition. The video was outcome of a social experiment whereby Rosa attempted to become accepted within the community of local aerobic and dance classes. The work questioned how a stranger might integrate into a new and unfamiliar environment and context. Subsequently Rosa continued to develop her ideas on her return to Amsterdam, creating new works for her final degree show at the Rietveld Academy that were inspired by the experiences gained from the IP in Bologna, for which she was awarded the prestigious Rietveld Art Prize. Her work can be viewed at her webpage (http://www.rosasijben.nl/).