Work in Progress – Group 7


Louise Jacobs
Hanna Jensen
Michelle Martin
Sam Thorpe
Daniel Engelberg


Prof. Hermann Pitz
Daniel Mallo

Report by Group 7:
Initially, we, like many of our colleagues in other groups, spent several days meeting and talking and getting to know one another. We explored the city together, walking around Bologna with our tutor Herman Pitz who new Bologna well, visiting special sites of interest, churches, museums and galleries.

Gradually we began to understand that walking around the city centre, through the streets, the covered porticos and parks was a way of contextualising ourselves within this new environment. The physical relationship to the architecture of Bologna was the core area of exploration for us. We discussed how we would proceed. We were clear that it was important to identify some kind of process that would allow us to work together as a team. It was initially quite hard to learn to cooperate and make group decisions, but eventually we began to develop a successful dynamic and worked together to make a series of images and videos that explored the concept of ‘context’. The use of a white paper overalls and sun glasses as a ‘uniform’ helped us to simplify and depersonalise the human form. Each of us became a ‘human figure unit’, not unlike a white figurative statue. We made a range of videos and photographs that recorded our exploration of a context within the city.