Work in Progress – Group 4


Daniel Dressel
Ludovica Niero
Nelli Maier
Rosalind McLachlan
Agnes Jänsch


Prof. Gennaro Postiglione
Yvonne Leinfelder

Report by Group 4:
During the two weeks in Bologna for the IP Creating a Context workshop, we, after more than a week of investigations and tests,
finally decided to realize a work consisting of both a physical installation and a video projection.

The work focused on Bologna graffiti dealing with the theme of the silent voices of Bolognese citizens (it didn’t matter if Italian, tourists, students, etc.): There is quite a lot of graffiti in Bologna but of course most is in Italian and therefore quite illegible to non Italian speaking visitors. Although very strong in colour and large in format it is often ignored. At first we asked people to read out the text of the graffiti which was recorded and looped to make a complex, multi layered sound piece of people clambering to be heard. We then asked people to silently mouth messages to a video camera creating a visual piece but with no sound.

Then we decided to try and ‘capture’ some graffiti by building a ‘temporary wall’ in two specific sites in the city centre of Bologna. During the period the wall was ‘exposed’ in the city it collected some graffiti on its surface. Moved to Front of House, the blocks were mounted again but in the shape of a compact cube. Both the sound work and the video were tested in the exhibition space, but eventually it was decided that only the video piece was necessary as this reinforced the theme of silent voices of the city. Silence was the theme of both works: or better, it was the un-listened and the removed, showing off the violence of the erased and marginalized voices in the everyday life of Bologna (as in many of our cities).

The process, the common involvement, the density of the work, testimony of Team 04 energy and efforts: a work which left all of us quite satisfied.